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 Geo George, a friend of Camila, 

made a visit to New Bern, NC.

New Bern was the first capital of North Carolina.

There are many interesting places to visit in New Bern.

The National Cemetery have soldiers from the Civil War. My Great Grandpa, Joe Smith and my Great Grandmother are buried there.

Tryon Palace was the Home of the Colonial Governor and first Capital of NC.  The original building was wood and burned down. this is a reconstructed version of the "PALACE"

Union Point Park is where the TRENT and NUESE rivers come together in New Bern.

PEPSI was created in New Bern in 1998 in Brad's Pharmacy

The Charlotte Rhone Cultural Center is in the "Black Library" shew founded

The New Bern Academy was the first school chartered in NC and built in 1766.



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