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Information About Hengyang: https://www.travelchinaguide.com/cityguides/hunan/hengyang/


2019  Teaching Team as of May 10, 2019

Terri Mikolatis

Terri Mikolaitis is a wife, mom and grandma who enjoys reading, gardening, adventures and sharing American Culture. She is a wife of 47 years, a mom of five and gram mom of eight. Terri’s career was in the administrative support field.  In addition to administrative support, she provided planning and scheduling support to multiple company directors.  She was also a correspondence training specialist. Terri has taught in children’s reading and comprehension programs and leads reading groups at a local elementary school. In  2016 Terri spent four weeks teaching in the Guiyang province of China.  She taught students in a summer camp program and at their local school.  In July 2017 Terri spent three weeks teaching English to college students in Shaoxing, China.  In April 2018 Terri participated in a four week CSL program led by college students in Shaoxing, China. She is looking forward to being on the Zhuzhou, China team and the adventures that await.


Nolan Tomboulian



Nolan Tomboulian has been a Team Leader with TheEdgeInstitute.org (TEEI.org) since 1997 conducting cultural and educational exchange programs between China and the United States. He is currently a North Carolina certified teacher for middle school Math, Business Education,  and Technology.   After graduating from New Mexico State, he earned his MBA from Wake Forest University and had a 17 year management career in Information Technology, training, support, systems development and corporate reporting. Nolan was awarded the First Union Excellence in Education Award for his contribution and service to the chess, reading, and Junior Achievement programs in Charlotte, NC. He has also served as a coach, regional and state judge for Odyssey-of-the-Mind. After leaving the bank, he resumed his first love of teaching and earned a Master's of Education degree.  Married in 1983 to his wife, Jodi, they were foster parents to 5 children and now claim 9 grandchildren. Nolan was born in NY, spent his teenage years in New Mexico, lived a short time in California and has called North Carolina his home since 1981. He now lives in  the Historic Riverside neighborhood of New Bern, NC. His personal website is: http://tomboulian.info/NOLAN.html



Dr. Phil Perrin 

Dr. Phil Perrin grew up in a rural setting, but has traveled the world teaching and exploring. He has two children, 4 grandchildren and one great granddaughter. His wife Wilda is deceased. Dr. Perrin has climbed the highest mountain on all seven continents, reaching the peak of 23,800 feet on Mount Everest and 5 others. 
Dr. Perrin has taught in Nepal, Indonesia, The Philippines, Malaysia, South Africa, Nigeria, Kenya, Crimea, Russia, Mexico, El Salvador, Colombia, Peru, Ecuador, India and China at Hong Hu University near Kunming and the Guang Ya School in Dujiangyan. Music is a universal language and the love of teaching people and visiting new place means there is always another Amazing Adventure. You are never too old to try something new!

Cay Cooke 


Cay Cooke is from Devine, Texas. Cay has three grown sons and six grandchildren.   She graduated from Pembroke State University in North Carolina. She has Masters level courses in education, Social Work, and Sociology. Cay has a Life Time Texas Certification to teach Secondary English and Pre-K through 8th grade.  In addition, she has  ESL Certification and has taught 26 years:  4 in elementary school, 11 in Middle School and 11 in High School. She Served as Curriculum Team Leader and as the  High School English Department Chair.  She has awards for using "Center Based Individualized Education" in the Classroom. Cay also served on the Texas State Committee to plan questions for standardized testing.  She has taken special courses for teaching writing, literature based curriculum, Gifted and Talented Teaching, and Special Needs Teaching. She has taught and been the Team leader for children’s English Camps in Eastern Europe.  Cay has taught in China many times and loves the chance to try new opportunities for adventure and exploration. Cay says, “Wherever I go in the world, Eastern Europe, Rural and Inner City USA, China or Japan, I have found that children are the same.  They love to learn, strive to do their best and love to have fun.”

Donna Ethell

Donna Ethell was born in Iowa and raised on a small farm in Illinois by the Mississippi River. Her family raised chickens, pigs and cows.  Her school only had one room for all 8 grades. She moved to Chicago and married her husband and graduated from the University of Illinois. She worked for 15 years in the  Chicago Public Schools.  Donna received her certification to teach K-8..  She taught primary school for 10 years and the taught ESL for 5 years to children, ages 5 to 10. She has no children of her own but loved all her prior students as her own children. She retired in 1982 and moved to Florida with her husband and enjoyed relaxation, extensive traveling, and volunteer teaching in her community.  She loves music,  walking in the mountains, and travel. Her husband, Jack, of 37 years passed away in 2003 but she still enjoys the adventure of going to new places and sharing and teaching.  This is her third trip to the wonderful country of China.  Danna loves reading and has  has a private collection that is bigger than some libraries. If you learn to read, you can visit amazing places without leaving your home.

 Larry Davis 

Larry Davis recently joined “The Edge Institute” after completing his TEFL training in Charlotte, NC.  He has been an educator for more than fifteen years. He received an AAS degree in Electronics Engineering Technology from Rowan Cabarrus Community College, Salisbury, NC. He later returned to his alma mater to become an Instructor and Program Chair.  He was instrumental in developing course curriculum, syllabus content and helping hundreds of students reach their highest potential in the field of Electronics Engineering. He was honored with the “Excellence in Teaching” award before his departure. In addition to his academic roles, his passion for sports allowed him to coach the school’s Bowling and Basketball teams for more than ten seasons, which resulted in several state championships. After retiring from the college life, Larry became a business owner providing High Tech Equipment Services to companies on the east coast and a “Handyman” Service Company, serving the elderly and underserved in the community. When he is not busy with business, he enjoys train travel, bowling and bike riding. He was born in Concord, NC, forth of 9 children. Larry now resides in Charlotte, NC. His family, wife Armetta, sons Mark, Steven, Jaron and daughter Maya are the apple of his eye. 


Barbara Hoefle



Barbara Hoefle has been trained to teach English as a Second Language and English as a Foreign Language by The Edge Institute. She has taught children in a small group setting. She has traveled to Belize, Guatemala, Mexico and many island countries. She assisted university students with English pronunciation while in Mexico. She has worked in the accounting field in Alabama, Georgia and North Carolina and currently calls North Carolina home.






































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